Born To Shoot The World Around Him

About Aziz Ahmed

Born and raised in Addis Ababa, Aziz Ahmed is one of the few Ethiopian natural explorers with an extensive track record of travel throughout the country. His traveling and adventures began at a very young age when he used to accompany his father for hunting trips in the wild. Shortly after his frequent trips with his father into the wild, his father was killed by a lion, when he was only 11 years old. Touched deeply with what his father had shown him of what Ethiopia has to offer, he diligently worked through high school and opened a Video shop where he rented movies and began to save his money, at one point he even sold a car that his family gave him to buy a camera. At the age of 18 he landed his first job as a tour guide and after being in the industry for a couple of years he changed his carrier to start his journey in film-making and photography, primarily on capturing moments and events of the wildlife of Ethiopia. He did this out of pure passion and love for Ethiopia’s wild, nature and culture. He hardly made any money and spent whatever he had on equipment and travel to explore every corner of this beautiful land. Now he has supreme experience in the field of travel, tour and bird photography across Ethiopia. Aziz believes that he should continue making meaningful contributions to wildlife conservation and tourism development in Ethiopia. Aziz Ahmed is a photographer and filmmaker, who has made the Ethiopian wildlife his home. He has dedicated his work to promote, bring awareness on a local and international level of the importance of respecting and preserving the ecosystems and habitats found in nature and last but not least he is in the process of building a team and creating a foundation that will work on protecting Ethiopia’s black maned lions. For the last five years he has personally taken it upon himself to visit and document lions in the Harenna forest and the Awash National Park five days of every month for the last five years. He has been providing reports to the Ethiopian Wild Life Authority and he doesn’t even work for them. He does all of this with no pay and support from anybody whether it be private, governmental or non-governmental organizations. He is also one of the main consultants for tour guides, and is broadening his education in various environmental preservation practices to incorporate into the work he has done with the intention to inspire conservation.


Being the first of its kind, the book features 270 pages of his own pictures and a detailed tour of seven of the 24 National parks Ethiopia has. Published in October, 2018, the book was met with much success and Aziz set out to Educate the public about our Wild. This is what he has done so far:

  • He has used the books platform to visit numerous schools throughout the country and has done educational workshops for more than 18,000 students.
  • 100 Books were gifted to all national parks, select scouts and to tourism sector related government offices and officials.
  • 70 books were gifted to High profile government officials and their
  • 30 books were gifted to eight different schools across the country listed below.
  • Hawassa University, Hawassa
  • Wondo Genet College of Forestry & NaturalResources
  • Arba Minch University
  • International Community School, Addis Ababa
  • Sanford International School, Addis Ababa
  • Bole Secondary High School, Addis Ababa
  • abijatta-shalla Elementary & Secondary School, Abijata- Shalla National
  • Awash Elementary & Secondary School, Awash National Park
  • Omo Elementary & Secondary School, Omo National Park

In the past few years, Aziz has been working with and serving as a freelance photographer and filmmaker for a number of national and international governmental and non-governmental organizations. Such as:
• Ethiopian Broadcasting Service (EBS)
• The Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA)
• The Ethiopian Ministry of culture and tourism (MoCT)
• Ethiopian Airlines
• Horn of Africa Regional Environment Centre (HoA-R&N) and Network
• The Born Free Foundation
• National Geographic Africa

Aziz has produced several wildlife documentary films that have been featured on several TV channels, including
• One Country Many World
• ‘Ethiopia’ A Bird Watchers Paradise
• ‘African environmental film series
• ‘Ethiopian Rift Valley Lakes’
• ‘Discover Ethiopia’
• ‘Ethiopian national geographic series’
Although all his documentary films were a big success, some played a big role on changing the image of Ethiopia. ‘Ethiopia’ a bird watchers film, that was displayed in the 2014 London Bird Trade Fair, was the main reason for The Bale Mountains National Parks to be listed as number four best birding site in Africa. The other documentary film he produced for the Ethiopian Air Lines is ‘Land of Origins’. The documentary film shows best tourist destinations of Ethiopia. Like most of his films this documentary film is also display on the Ethiopian Airlines In-flight Entertainment Window.

Participated and held photographic and film exhibitions on numerous international trade-fair events, representing and displaying Ethiopia’s diverse wildlife and birdlife and its outstanding landscapes and sceneries. For research studies on wildlife conservation programs, Aziz took part on ‘international visitor’s leadership program’ in the United States which gives him great knowledge and amazing experience, he also participated on the wildlife conservation program in Kenya.

Aziz owns one of the largest photo gallery of Ethiopian wildlife; in the last fifteen years he has collected more than 64,000 bird photographs including photographs of the 16 endemic birds, 420,000 different photos of cultural events, historical sites, landscapes, wildlife and their habitats.

1. Kaleb hotel- Ethiopia bird photo exhibition
2. Capital hotel- Ethiopian bird documentary launch
3. London- bird trade fair
4. American embassy- Ethiopian wildlife photo exhibition
5. Sheraton- a documentary film launch in-tittle- ethiopian wildlife
6. USA- I was invited for a wildlife festival in America to displayed wildlife film and photo exhibition
7. China/Beijing- I was invited to Beijing along with Ethiopian tourism to displayed my pictures and video
8. American embassy- wildlife trafficking photo exhibition
9. National theater- A launch of my first wildlife book ‘Wildlife of Ethiopia’s National Park’
10. Zoma- in collaboration with us embassy- a launch of ‘wildlife of Ethiopia’s national park’
11. My recent photo exhibition focused black maned lions at the best western hotel Addis Ababa

His fifteen years of high quality wildlife and landscape photograph collections have enabled Aziz to publish a very unique coffee table book packed with facts of Ethiopia’s National Parks. The book in title ‘Wildlife of Ethiopia’s National Park’ has landscape and wildlife photographs of Ethiopia’s seven National Parks by Aziz Ahmed.

Always Searching For The Shot

Mr. AZIZ has awarded many Testimonial certificate for the contribution what he made from UNESCO, FRANKFURT ZOOLOGILAL SOCIETY, BORN FREE FOUNDATION ETHIOPIA,EWCA Ethiopian wild life conservation authority),WORLD MONTANA, ETHIOPIAN – AFRICAN 2000 MILLINIUM GROUP. As a tourism promoter Mr. AZIZ have observed that Ethiopian tourism Industry lacks some vital elements that are very crucial to the sector like A tourist guide book ,Tourism directory etc. Currently AATP are working hard to prepare county’s FIRST TOURISM DIRECTORY in order to narrow dawn the gap that is prevalent in the sector together with potential partners and stakeholders of Ethiopian tourism industry to give a solid insight to potential foreign visitors and local tourists as well to show countries untapped potential natural and wild life resources.