Project Description: Goal, Objectives, Outputs, Outcomes and Activities


The goal of the project is to make meaningful contributions to the reduction in the rate of incidences and impacts of illegal trade and road kill of Ethiopia’s wildlife by producing and disseminating of media materials (Films, brochures, posters, etc) and stakeholder awareness raising campaigns.


The specific objectives of the project to achieve the goal are:
1. To produce a documentary film that highlights the severity of illegal trade and traffic killing and their impacts on wildlife of the country; and,
2. To undertake national-wide awareness raising campaigns on the impacts of illegal trade and road killing on wildlife in Ethiopia

Outcomes/Benefits of the Project

The socio-economic well-being of Ethiopian nations is largely dependent on ecosystem processes and services provide by biodiversity to them. For example, wild animals provide direct economic income through ecotourism, including controlled sport hunting practices; and, provide services such as cleaning of our environments by scavengers, seed dispersal, pest control and crop pollination birds, etc. Thus, increased awareness of stakeholders, including decision-makers, using the outputs of this project (film, posters and brochures developed and delivered to target audiences) would result into government’s policy changes, such as in road construction (e.g. construction of speed-breaks, warning sign posts, etc at identified/selected wildlife crossing points along/across highways), regular patrolling along hotspot areas and increased effectiveness of law-enforcement activities. Therefore, the key outcome of this project is reduced incidence of illegal wildlife trading and traffic killing and their impacts on wildlife that ultimately results into enhanced sustainability of biodiversity conservation and socio-economic development of the country and its people.